Story Europe's Biodiversity CHM network calls for input to the 2009 meeting

Europe's Biodiversity CHM network calls for input to the 2009 meeting

Biodiversity Clearing House Mechanism managers across Europe are building up the regional network on biodiversity information. In 2008 the CHM community in Europe met and discussed developments and plans  for the next triennium. The next meeting, is to be organised in the European Environment Agency in the  Autumn of 2009. Submit you proposals for building up the Agenda of the 2009 meeting. For more information please submit an enquiry through the EEA Information centre - see concerned URL.
Release date 20/05/2009
Contributor Rania Spyropoulou
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On September 15-16-2008, EEA organised the 2008 meeting of the European CHM network, around the global/ European  policy challenges related to CHM  for the next 3 years. The CHM community in Europe and the relevant International Organisations discussed on the direction of future activities and generate the necessary guidance for planning ahead.  

The objectives of the meeting are the following:

(1) to jointly identify CHM activities that go beyond national borders (collaboration across countries)

(2) to jointly identify  regional CHM activities (guidance for the content management of the European Biodiversity CHM portal)

(3 ) to have a first discussion on IT collaboration with biodiversity information dissemination portals across Europe (interfaces that would allow exchange of information),

(4) to obtain  feedback from users of the updated EC CHM Toolkit on its maintenance

and to provide initial training for other interested countries on the updated EC CHM Toolkit.

Presentations, minutes and other meeting documents are available under 'Information' at this link: Follow-up discussions on user issues will be conducted on the Users' Forum.