Story Join Spring observations in Europe's nature 2006 - For 7 countries you are invited to input directly your first observations for flowering white Wood Anemone, later also for calling Cuckoo and the high-flying Swift

In collaboration with several European countries the German project'Naturdetektive' has initiated the 2006 Spring observation project

You can easily join and input your observations directly intothe system

Visit the map of your country, zoom in and click on the map and givethe observation date for 

  • the first flowering white Wood Anemone you see. It will start showing its white flowers soon

Later in this spring - when they begin to arrive - thesystem will open for two birds  

  • the first calling Cuckoo
  • the first highflying Swift

Your observations will be visible together with all otherobservations

As more and more observations come in, the maps will show how springpasses over Europe gradually or in leaps. 

The system goes alive on 6. March 2006 with so far 7countries: Germany, United Kingdom, France, Belgium, Sweden,Denmark and Estonia 

Visit the 'Naturdetektive' mainsite for more information

Photo coyright: Soren Kaslov, Denmark

Release date 06/03/2006
Contributor pinborg
Geographical coverage Germany, United Kingdom, France, Estonia, Belgium, Sweden, Denmark
Keywords naturdetektive spring observations Europe 2006 collaboration whood anemone swift cuckoo
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Source Bundesumweltamt für Naturschutz, Germany (Horst Freiberg)

Story edited by EEA (Ulla Pinborg)