Story One of the worst invasive species listed in Europe

Information on one of the worst invasive species threatening biodiversity in Europe is now making it to the headlines. It is  a species of Argentinean ant introduced into Europe about 80 years ago, which was found to have  developed the largest supercolony ever recorded.
Release date 30/11/2006
Contributor Rania Spyropoulou
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The Argentinean ant species (Linepithema humile) probably came into Europe on imported plants, pushing back the 20 or so indigenous species of European ant. The supercolony  stretches 6,000 kilometres - from northern Italy, through the south of France to the Atlantic coast of Spain - with billions of related ants occupying millions of nests.

While ants from rival nests normally fight each other to the death, ants from the supercolony have the ability to recognise each other and co-operate - even if they come from nests at opposite ends of the colony's range.

This species has been identified and proposed as one of the worst invasive species, by the experts participating in the Streamling European Biodiversity Iindicators for  2010 process (SEBI 20100).