Story An explicit reaffirmation of the 2010 biodiversity target by the Environment Council of the European Union

The Council has sent out a strong political message on biodiversity calling upon immediate action as well as upon the development of a  long term EU vision for biodiversity.  

Release date 11/01/2007
Contributor Rania Spyropoulou
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On December 18 2006, the Environment Council explicitly reaffirmed the 2010 biodiversity target and urged Commission and Member States to accelerate their efforts to meet it.

Now it is up to the Member States to deliver their share of the action plan contained in the biodiversity communication. The three upcoming European Presidencies (Germany, Portugal and Slovenia) have already agreed on their joint work programme on these issues and will continue to work closely with the Countdown 2010 initiative.

The Council, in their conclusion of the discussion of the Communication on "Halting  the loss of biodiversity by 2010 and beyond- sustaining ecosystem services for human well being" adopted by the European Commisison in May 2006, invited the commisison to start a process for the development of a  long term EU vision for biodiversity, including all relevant stakeholders.