Story The marine component of European Biodiversity Indicators

An expert meeting organised by the EEA in Copenhagen at the end of June, has looked at the progress made in including the marine component when elaborating on the EU headline indicators for the 2010 biodiversity target.

Release date 10/07/2006
Contributor Rania Spyropoulou
Keywords marine component biodiversity 2010 indicators
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The marine component of SEBI includes work on  marine allien invasive species, the conservation status of marine species and habitat types of European importance, trends in coverage of Seagrasses  in the European seas, the Marine Trophic Index  Review for the European seas as well as water quality in the European coastal zones. The approach taken is to make effective use of existing and foreseen Country reporting activities both at the EU, Pan-European and global levels as well as of information made available by  marine research networks in Europe. 

This work is to be consolidated in indicators designed to give an overview of the progress in halting biodiversity loss by 2010 and beyond, at the EU and the Pan European levels, to be incorporated in the SEBI 2010 First set of Indicators by 2007.

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