Story The International Year of Biodiversity celebrated in Europe

The International Year of Biodiversity celebrated in Europe

Most European countries will host special events for celebrating the International Year for Biodiversity in 2010. Moreover, a joint work plan between the European Environment Agency and its European Topic Centre for Biological Diversity, and the European Commission ( DG ENV, DG JRC, ESTAT) was agreed for the development of the Biodiversity System for Europe ( BISE version 0), to be hosted on the EC-CHM  during 2010.  

Release date 09/12/2009
Contributor Rania Spyropoulou
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Source EEA

Following the 2009 meeting of the European Biodiversity Clearing House network,  the establishment of a Biodiversity Information System for Europe is to be organised on the EC-CHM portal. This work will make further use of the proposed common glossary to be translated in all European languages and syndication amongst national portals and of the updated version  of the EC-CHM toolkit, which is freely available to countries all over the world for the establishment of their national portals and its presentation to COP 10 of the Convention of Biological Diversity