Story The first assessment of habitat types in Finland completed

The first assessment of habitat types in Finland completed

The proportion of threatened types is highest among traditional rural biotopes and forests, still improving the state of habitat types is possible, according to the report published by the Finnish Ministry of Environment today.

Release date 06/06/2008
Contributor Rania Spyropoulou
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Source Minitry of Environment,Finland

Some 400 habitat types were classified according to their risk of human-induced decline and deterioration in Finland. Of the total number of habitat types, 51% are threatened in the whole country. The corresponding percentage is lower in terms of area, as many of the threatened habitat types are typically small in size. Almost one-third of habitat types are near threatened (NT) and one-fifth belong to the category least concern (LC).

The assessment considers all natural habitat types, which are divided into seven main groups: the Baltic Sea and its coast, inland waters and shores, mires, forests, rocky habitats, traditional rural biotopes, and the fell area. The assessment was carried out correspondingly in seven groups of national experts. In all over 80 experts from different organizations participated in the project. The expert groups also compiled the first list of the habitat types for whose protection Finland has a particular international responsibility. For more information please follow the link.



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