Story European biodiversity indicators to assess if we reach the 2010 target of halting the loss of biodiversity - the SEBI2010 process

This year - 2005 - sees a strong focus on the development of indicators to assess progress towards reaching the target for biodiversity by the year 2010. By then further loss of species, ecosystems and genes should be significantly reduced globally, in Europe even halted and mitigated if possible. Much of the developments are guided by the concepts of the global Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD). In Europe the European Commission, the European Environment Agency (EEA), UNEP's Regional Office and Council of Europe assisted by the European Centre for Nature Conservation (ECNC) have joined forces to develop a European set of indicators to match the global set while also showing the European situation. UNEP-WCMC (World Conservation Monitoring Centre). The project is called SEBI2010 - Streamlining European Biodiversity Indicators for 2010. Information about the project and the process can be found at the SEBI website: Here EEA will gradually place documents from the ekspert groups and from the coordination team. - The SEBI2010 list conforms with the CBD list of indicators, with a few exceptions. Some indicators will be developed directly by the coordination team: coverage of protected areas, impact of climate on biodiversity, marine trophic index, water quality in aquatic ecosystems, European patents based on genetic resources, funding to biodiversity, public awareness and participation. Six expert groups will develop indicators on: trends in selected species (including change in status of threatened and redlisted species), trends in extent of selected ecosystems (including connectivity and fragmentation), trends in genetic diversity of species of major socio-economic importance (domesticated animals, cultivated plants, trees, fish species), nitrogen deposition, invasive species, and area under sustainable landmanagement (forest, agriculture, fishery and aquaculture). Most European countries are now also taking part in these processes and develop national indicators to match SEBI2010 and the global level. Information about the Biodiversity Convention work on indicators can be found at: Also other organisations work with biodiversity related indicators and datasets. OECD's 2005 indicators can be found at: FAO has large datasets at: . The MCPFE (Ministerial Conference for the Protection of Forests in Europe) indicators can be found at: Much other information on indicators can be found also here in the EC CHM at: The EEA Core set of indicators (CSI) can be found at:
Release date 09/06/2005
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