Story Celebrating the 2005 International Biological Diversity Day: New release of the European Nature Information System - The EUNIS web database

Launching of a much improved EUNIS database web application to celebrate the International Biological Diversity Day
Release date 17/05/2005
Contributor Gregoire Lois
Concerned URL
Source European Topic Centre on Biological Diversity (ETC/BD)

The International Biodiversity Day is dedicated to "increasing understanding and awareness of biodiversity issues".


On-line information systems are crucial tools in this process: they provide key information, help assessments and understanding, and they are part of wider processes, where data harvesting between systems increase the value of each single database. The EUNIS database development was initiated by the European Environment Agency in 1997, and the data was made available on the web within European Community clearing House Mechanism process in 2002. The EUNIS database (European Nature Information System) focuses on key biodiversity elements such as species, habitat types and major sites for biodiversity. During 2005 the system will be much improved with major features such as GBIF connection, spatial tools, enhanced data sets, ...

A special mid-term EUNIS release is made available for the occasion. What you see released now is not a final version, but it demonstrates to users most of the system which will be ready by the end of the year. The new EUNIS release allows to better browse and overlay various spatial datasets, understand sites network, link these with species and habitats, whether or not they are threatened, under protection, ... Full harvesting of all these data within GBIF is under development but first assessment sets EUNIS as a major data provider there with almost a million record harvested.

European Nature Information System 2005 International Biological Diversity Day Release