Story Cumulated area of nationally protected areas in pan-Europe, EEA biodiversity indicator

The cumulated area of nationally protected areas in pan-Europe is an EEA indicator covering 30 countries across Europe. It is a response indicator, showing the efforts by the concerned countries to protect their nature by means of individual area based permanent protection decrees. The curve cannot be expected to continue its strong increase over the last decades. In many countries single area protection is slowing down, since large parts of the most valuable nature is protected, but also because of increasing conflicts with land owners and with development of urban areas and infrastructure. EEA aims to update the data set every year through EIONET. EEA collaborates with UNEP-WCMC to deliver data to the World Database on Protected Areas in an agreed format. The Collaboration concerns the CDDA (Common Database on Designated Areas). It can be seen as a forerunner for the global indicator foreseen for the Convention on Biological Diversity. The indicator can be found and downloaded from the EEA web site at: . Contacts in EEA are also indicated there.
Release date 11/11/2004
Contributor pinborg
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Source EEA (European Environment Agency)