Story Minutes from the first meeting of the Coordination Team on Biodiversity Indicators and Monitoring, 7. July 2004

The first meeting was held in the European Environment Agency, Copenhagen on 7 July 2004. It was chaired by Gordon McInnes (EEA) and attended by Dominique Richard (ETC nature protection and biodiversity), Ben Delbaere (European Centre for Nature Conservation), Jerry Harrison (UNEP World Conservation Monitoring Centre), Jan Plesnik (representing the Czech Republic as lead country for PEBLDS action plan on biodiversity for monitoring and indicators) and Malgorzata Buszko-Briggs (Ministerial Conference for the Protection of Forest in Europe Liaison Unit). Anne Teller (DG Environment) and Ivonne Higuero (PEBLDS Secretariat) were invited along with MCPFE to the first meeting as major international clients but were unable to attend. Tor-Björn Larsson (EEA) and Sophie Condé (ETC) also attended as observers. The meeting considered the following agenda items: 1. Coordination Team mandate and terms of reference 2. Composition of the Coordination Team 3. Resources for Coordination Team – time and budget, 2004 and beyond 4. Preparation of work plan – outline, contributions and timetable 5. Expert Groups – links to CBD/PEBLDS/EU indicator lists, first priorities, possible participants, possible leaders 6. Expectations from Expert Groups – testing, developing, documenting indicators and subsequent monitoring requirements 7. Support for Expert Groups - 2004 and beyond, involving experts from EECCA countries 8. Informing stakeholders – who are they, upcoming events, written communication etc 9. Links to other indicator activities – SD indicators, structural indicators, EEA core set, Bio-IMPs, UNEP-WCMC pilot study, MCPFE indicators on sustainable forest management, OECD etc The full minutes can be read in:
Release date 16/07/2004
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