Story Biodiversity Indicators and Monitoring, first meeting of Coordination Team 7. July 2004

Following the Joint Eionet/BioMIN/PEBLDS meeting 'Development of plan and guidelines for indicators and monitoring to help achieve the 2010 target for biodiversity in Europe (, the PEBLDS Bureau endorsed the revised action plan for monitoring and indicators, and the Malahide Conference ( endorsed the EU list of headline biodiversity indicators as well as an objective with targets for the development of monitoring, indicators and reporting - and their funding/coordination. EEA will therefore move forward to establish a Coordination Team and experts groups as proposed in the Joint meeting. The Coordination Team is proposed to be limited to EEA/ETC, ECNC and UNEP-WCMC, having staff who can contribute a significant amount of time. Representatives from the European Commission, PEBLDS secretariat, the MCPFE Liason Unit Warsaw and Czech Republic (the latter as lead country for the Kiev Resolution action plan) were also invited to a first meeting to kick off the work/planning Wednesday 7 July. Contact: Gordon McInnes, EEA
Release date 16/07/2004
Contributor pinborg