Story Seminar in European Parliament on the 2010 biodiversity target: report published

ECNC has now published the report from a seminar that was organized by ECNC and EEA in the European Parliament on 23 March 2004. During this seminar, hosted by Mrs Dorette Corbey MEP, leading organizations reflected on how best to report on developments in Europe's rich, but still decreasing biological diversity. The report summarizes the presentations by Mrs Corbey, Nick Hanley (EC DG Environment), Frits Schlingemann (UNEP-ROE), Gordon McInnes (EEA), Michael Rands (BirdLife International) and Ben Delbaere (ECNC). It also contains general background information. The conclusions by the chairmen have been communicated to the European Commission, the Council of the Pan-European Biological and Landscape Diversity Strategy, the Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity and many others. Amongst others, during this seminar Mrs Corbey, called for a single indicator to communicate about the health of ecosystems on an annual basis to the wider public. The report can be found at: .


Release date 15/07/2004
Contributor Delbaere
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Source ECNC