Story The 2010 target to halt biodiversity loss - assesment of progress in Europe

The 2010 target to halt biodiversity loss - assesment of progress in Europe

EEA report "Progress towards the European 2010 biodiversity target" is the first assessment of progress towards the target to halt the loss of biodiversity in Europe, based on the SEBI 2010 set of biodiversity indicators. 

Release date 16/07/2009
Contributor frederik schutyser
Geographical coverage Pan-European
Keywords Biodiversity, 2010
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A Pan European initiative, SEBI2010 (Streamlining European 2010 Biodiversity Indicators), was launched in 2004. Its aim is to develop a European set of biodiversity indicators to assess and inform about progress towards the European 2010 targets.

The work is performed in collaboration between EEA (the European Environment Agency), DG Environment of the European Commission, ECNC (the European Centre for Nature Conservation), UNEP/ PEBLDS Secretariat with the lead of Czech Republic and UNEP-WCMC (the World Conservation Monitoring Centre).  Work is lead by a Coordination Team.

In 2005 the Coordination Team and Expert groups involving more than 100 experts nominated by European countries as well as non Governmental Organisations started working for the compilation of a First European Set of Biodiversity Indicators for assessing the 2010 target.

The technical report containing specifications of the 26 indicators selected was published in 2007 (available at first assessment report based on these indicators has now been published. A new assessment will be done in 2010.