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24/04/2012 Naaya Story The European Parliament endorses the EU Biodiversity strategy to 2020
Source: European Parliament
21/04/2010 Naaya Story Shaping the future EU biodiversity policies
Source: European Commission
06/03/2012 Naaya Story Funding opportunities for biodiversity and ecosystem services in EU Overseas
Source: European Commission , DG ENV
27/01/2012 Naaya Story Consultation on a dedicated legislative instrument on invasive alien species
Source: DG Environment, Unit B2
16/12/2011 Naaya Story Investing in the EU Natura 2000 network benefits nature and people
Source: DG ENV, European Commission
22/11/2011 Naaya Story More plants, molluscs and freshwaterfish included in the European Red Lists
Source: European Commission - Environment
22/11/2011 Naaya Story EU expanding its network of protected areas
Source: European Commission-Environment
28/10/2009 Naaya Story Biodiversity/resilience/stability relationships in forest ecosystems explored
14/10/2009 Naaya Story Life- EU funds starts making a difference in amphibian conservation
Source: EU-Life news
16/07/2009 Naaya Story The 2010 target to halt biodiversity loss - assesment of progress in Europe
20/05/2009 Naaya Story Europe's Biodiversity CHM network calls for input to the 2009 meeting
21/11/2007 Naaya Story Message from Lisbon on Business and Biodiversity
16/11/2007 Naaya Story A call for evidence on economics of biodiversity loss
25/05/2007 Naaya Story Assessment by the World Conservation Union (IUCN) shows that one in six European mammals are threatened with extinction
Source: European Commission
25/05/2007 Naaya Story European Parliament adopts report on the Biodiversity Communication of the European Commission
16/05/2007 Naaya Story How would an International Mechanism for Scientific Expertise on Biodiversity contribute to halting biodiversity loss?
Source: Published by the International Institute..
02/05/2007 Naaya Story Protected Forest Areas in Europe Need Harmonisation
Source: EUROPEAN FOREST INSTITUTE, http://www.ef..
06/11/2006 Naaya Story What is happening to Ocean Ecosystems?
05/12/2005 Naaya Story COP8 - The 8th meeting of the Conference of the Parties to be held in March in Brazil
Source: EEA, Ulla Pinborg
06/09/2011 Naaya Story Update on Ecosystem Assessments in Europe
Source: EEA
14/06/2011 Naaya Story Launch of InforMEA – the United Nations Information Portal on Multilateral Environmental Agreements (MEAs)
Source: CMS- convention on Migratory species
05/05/2011 Naaya Story Improved version of the European Atlas of the Seas
Source: European Commission
27/08/2010 Naaya Story The public consultation on the post-2010 EU biodiversity strategy is now on
Source: European Commission
21/04/2010 Naaya Story 'We are all in this together'
Source: European Commission
16/07/2009 Naaya Story Health check on Europe's protected species and habitat types
Source: European Commission
28/06/2011 Naaya Story The Report on the state of the Alps is published
Source: Alpine convention
21/06/2011 Naaya Story State of Europe’s Forests 2011 Report Launched
Source: Forest Europe
08/07/2008 Naaya Story Protecting Europe's biological data resources
Source: CORDIS News
21/05/2008 Naaya Story Get ready to collaborate and communicate biodiversity!
Source: CBD Secretariat
02/05/2007 Naaya Story Developments in the Assessment of Biodiversity in Forests in Europe
12/09/2007 Naaya Story Extinction crisis escalates: Red List shows apes, corals, vultures, dolphins all in danger
Source: IUCN, ARKive newletter
30/11/2006 Naaya Story New approaches in biodiversity research are needed for halting biodiversity loss
30/11/2006 Naaya Story One of the worst invasive species listed in Europe
26/06/2009 Naaya Story How much do we use e-Science and Technology Infrastructure for Biodiversity Research? A Survey
10/03/2006 Naaya Story COP8 - The 8th Conference of the Parties of the Convention on Biological Diversity meets in Brazil this March
Source: EEA (Rania Spyropoulou)
24/09/2008 Naaya Story An early warning and information system for invasive alien species in Europe
Source: EEA
08/10/2006 Naaya Story Progress in European Biodiversity Indicators and monitoring
Source: DG ENV
16/06/2008 Naaya Story One of 10 best ideas to save nature in 2008 is the SEBI 2010 Indicator set
Source: European Environment Agency
20/05/2009 Naaya Story World Biodiversity day 2009
Source: Europa- Press rapide
28/04/2009 Naaya Story Message from Athens on the future of Biodiversity policies
Source: Rapid- Press releases EUROPA
03/01/2007 Naaya Story Fruit-Net for neglected and forgotten Fruit and Berries and European funding for all genetic resources used in agriculture
10/07/2006 Naaya Story "Progress towards halting the loss of biodiversity by 2010" report released by EEA
05/03/2009 Naaya Story Biodiversity loss is continuing in the EU
Source: European Commission, DG Environment
15/12/2008 Naaya Story European Union:Greater protection for Europe's wildlife
25/05/2006 Naaya Story 30 May -2 June Brussels: European Commission events devoted to the topic of Biodiversity
23/05/2006 Naaya Story The European Commission adopts communication on Biodiversity
04/04/2006 Naaya Story COP8 results from Brasil - The 'Global Biodiversity Outlook 2' report was released
Source: European Environment Agency, Tor-Bjorn L..
06/06/2008 Naaya Story The first assessment of habitat types in Finland completed
Source: Minitry of Environment,Finland
01/06/2011 Naaya Story European Commission: "Investing in Natura 2000: for nature and people"
Source: DG Environment
11/05/2011 Naaya Story European Commission adopts an EU biodiversity strategy to 2020
Source: European Commission- Environment
01/03/2011 Naaya Story A new Business and Biodiversity award scheme in EU
Source: European Commission
14/12/2010 Naaya Story The future financing of EU Natura 2000 network: on public consultation
Source: DG Environment, EC
08/10/2010 Naaya Story Census of Marine life, the European Atlas of soil biodiversity and the 2010 assessment of the EU Biodiversity Action Plan released
Source: European Commission
01/06/2010 Naaya Story Launch of the European biodiversity baseline and Biodiversity Information System for Europe
09/02/2010 Naaya Story 10 messages for biodiversity -2010
Source: European Environment Agency
09/12/2009 Naaya Story The International Year of Biodiversity celebrated in Europe
Source: EEA
23/05/2009 Naaya Story Biodiversity and Energy solutions: Engineering microbes to produce hydrogen fuel
Source: Source: Waks, Z. and Silver, P. (2009). ..
15/11/2008 Naaya Story Marine biodiversity: does conservation matter?
Source: EEA
13/05/2008 Naaya Story How much is Europe spending for invasive alien species?
Source: Riccardo Scalera
02/01/2008 Naaya Story The European Common Database on Designated Areas develops through international cooperation
Source: European Environment Agency
09/09/2007 Naaya Story EU Nature Policy has delivered benefits for birds in Europe
Source: RSPB/BirdLife: Dr Paul Donald, tel +44(0..
10/04/2007 Naaya Story Research insights on reducing Biodiversity Loss
Source: Science for environmental policy, a serv..
02/02/2007 Naaya Story How do Changes in Ocean Temperature affect Marine Ecosystems?
Source: "Science for Environment Policy" a servi..
11/01/2007 Naaya Story An explicit reaffirmation of the 2010 biodiversity target by the Environment Council of the European Union
14/11/2006 Naaya Story Reporting on Article 17 of the Habitats Directive
28/09/2006 Naaya Story Integrating the Biodiversity 2010 objective in development cooperation policies and the Millennium Development Goals
Source: Europe Information Service, United Natio..
08/09/2006 Naaya Story Wild Bees and the Flowers They Pollinate Are Declining in Europe
Source: Science for Environment Policy, Septembe..
04/09/2006 Naaya Story Biodiversity and Climate Change in focus
24/08/2006 Naaya Story Free and open access to scientific information
Source: Secretariat of CBD
10/07/2006 Naaya Story The marine component of European Biodiversity Indicators
06/03/2006 Naaya Story Join Spring observations in Europe's nature 2006 - For 7 countries you are invited to input directly your first observations for flowering white Wood Anemone, later also for calling Cuckoo and the high-flying Swift
Source: Bundesumweltamt für Naturschutz, Germany..
22/02/2006 Naaya Story Open consultation on European biodiversity indicators - the SEBI2010 process goes public
14/02/2006 Naaya Story Towards a List of 'Worst invasive species threatening biodiversity in Europe'
Source: EEA Tor-Bjorn Larsson
19/12/2005 Naaya Story Your views on biodiversity - Open consultation on the European Commission Communication on halting the loss of biodiversity by 2010 - and beyond
Source: European Commission, DG Environment, Guy..
16/12/2005 Naaya Story Launch of the new European Community Clearing House Mechanism Website and its Portal Toolkit (EC CHM PTK)
Source: EEA, Ulla Pinborg
21/11/2005 Naaya Story IPCB - The International Press Centre Biodiversity Research news portal was launched on 14 November 2005 in Brussels
Source: The European Commission, DG environment,..
14/11/2005 Naaya Story Biodiversity conservation in China - EU offers 30 million euros to China
Source: DG Environment, Stefan Leiner
20/09/2005 Naaya Story EC CHM portal software updated to version 2.0
05/09/2005 Naaya Story European Clearing House Mechanism - EC CHM version 2 Steering Committee meeting 7-8 September 2005 in EEA
Source: EEA, Ulla Pinborg
02/09/2005 Naaya Story Call for proposals 2005 for the European Community (EU) programme 'Environment and Forests in Developing Countries'
Source: European Commission, EuropeAid Co-operat..
09/06/2005 Naaya Story European biodiversity indicators to assess if we reach the 2010 target of halting the loss of biodiversity - the SEBI2010 process
Source: EEA
17/05/2005 Naaya Story Celebrating the 2005 International Biological Diversity Day: New release of the European Nature Information System - The EUNIS web database
Source: European Topic Centre on Biological Dive..
20/04/2005 Naaya Story International Biodiversity Day Sunday 22 May 2005
19/04/2005 Naaya Story Geo-referenced data and maps on biodiversity are essential
21/03/2005 Naaya Story Biodiversity News Headlines from CBD
Source: CBD web site
18/03/2005 Naaya Story INSPIRE - call for expressions of interest for participation in Spatial Data Interest Communities (SDICs) - first teams to be formed on the basis of interests expressed before 15 April 2005
14/01/2005 Naaya Story Third national report on implementation of the Convention on Biological Diversity 2005
Source: EEA (Ulla Pinborg)
29/11/2004 Naaya Story 25 years of the EU Birds Directive celebrated
11/11/2004 Naaya Story In 2004 the 3 big biodiversity instruments in Europe are celebrating their 25th anniversaries - the EU Birds Directive and the Bonn and Bern Conventions
11/11/2004 Naaya Story Cumulated area of nationally protected areas in pan-Europe, EEA biodiversity indicator
Source: EEA (European Environment Agency)
11/11/2004 Naaya Story The Convention on Biological Diversity has launched a new web site, using the same URL
Source: Secretariat of the Convention on Biologi..
16/07/2004 Naaya Story Minutes from the first meeting of the Coordination Team on Biodiversity Indicators and Monitoring, 7. July 2004
Source: EEA Gordon McInnes
16/07/2004 Naaya Story Biodiversity Indicators and Monitoring, first meeting of Coordination Team 7. July 2004
15/07/2004 Naaya Story Seminar in European Parliament on the 2010 biodiversity target: report published
Source: ECNC
23/06/2004 Naaya Story The Malahide Message - more than 200 stakeholders agreed to 18 biodiversity targets
Source: Irish Presidency, EEA
04/05/2004 Naaya Story International Day for Biological Diversity to be celebrated 22 May 2004
27/04/2004 Naaya Story GEO Year Book 2003 on-line with indicators on threatened species and protected areas
08/04/2004 Naaya Story BIODIVERSITY AND THE EU - Sustaining Life Sustaining Livelihoods. Stakeholder conference 25-27 May 2004 in Malahide, under the Irish EU Presidency
Source: European Commission DG Environment. Guy ..
09/03/2004 Naaya Story The results from Kuala Lumpur: International consensus reached on fundamental steps to tackle the loss of biodiversity worldwide – important also for the European Community.
Source: European Commission, Christoph Bail
23/02/2004 Naaya Story Global Ballast Water Convention (BW Convention) adopted to control ballast water transportation of invasive species
10/02/2004 Naaya Story There are only six years to reach the target of halting the loss of biodiversity by 2010! - The European Environment Commissioner puts this serious reminder to the seventh Conference of the Parties (COP7) to the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD)
09/12/2003 Naaya Story European Community implements the Bonn Guidelines on access to genetic resources and benefit sharing (ABS).
Source: Euorpean Commission, DG Environment
05/12/2003 Naaya Story The 2003 Environment Policy Review now published by the European Commission
03/12/2003 Naaya Story IUFRO Conference Monitoring and indicators of forest biodiversity in Europe - from ideas to operationality
Source: Tor-Bjorn Larsson, EEA
01/12/2003 Naaya Story UNEP's GEO Data Portal
27/11/2003 Naaya Story What did they discuss at SBSTTA in Montreal in November?
Source: Convention on Biological Diversity and ..
05/11/2003 Naaya Story The Convention on Biological Diversity. Ninth meeting of SBSTTA in Montreal
Source: http.//
07/10/2003 Naaya Story EUNIS - The European Nature Information System has gone public on the web
Source: European Environment Agency (EEA)
29/07/2003 Naaya Story Biodiversity controlled vocabulary
Source: Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD)..
14/07/2003 Naaya Story Species 2000 Europa information
19/06/2003 Naaya Story London meeting on "2010 - The Global Biodiversity Challenge" with UNEP-WCMC and UNDP
Source: International Institute for Sustainable ..
19/05/2003 Naaya Story The Kiev Conference 21 - 23 May 20003. The declaration on biodiversity
Source: Kiev conference website
13/05/2003 Naaya Story Europe's Environment - The Third Assessment report from EEA: Europe's environmental progress at risk from unsustainable economic activities
Source: EEA, European Environment Agency. tel: +..
12/05/2003 Naaya Story Living Forest Summit, April 2003
02/05/2003 Naaya Story SERIS
Source: SERIS now open with State of the Environ..
28/04/2003 Naaya Story Now available: Final report from SBSSTA meeting 8 in Montreal
27/03/2003 Naaya Story SBSTTA meeting 8 in Montreal
04/03/2003 Naaya Story SBSTTA meeting 8 to be held in Montreal in March 2003
Source: Secretariat of the Convention on Biologi..
05/11/2002 Naaya Story The Second Report on Biological Diversity from the European Community
17/09/2002 Naaya Story New report: "Biodiversity indicators and monitoring - Moving towards implementation".
04/09/2002 Naaya Story The World Summit on sustainable Development - WSSD
Source: UN official World Summmit website
24/07/2002 Naaya Story The World Summit on Sustainable Development WSSD in Johannesburg 26 August - 4 September
24/07/2002 Naaya Story The World Summit on Sustainable Development WSSD in Johannesburg 26 August - 4 September
10/06/2002 Naaya Story The Convention on Biological Diversity.
15/05/2002 Naaya Story CHM Portal Tool Kit is available
10/04/2002 Naaya Story COP6 - Daily reports with information on Biodiversity
22/03/2002 Naaya Story EU Biodiversity Action Plans adopted by the European Parliament
Source: <em>European Parliament, Daily Notebook ..
05/03/2002 Naaya Story Pan-European Intergovernmental conference highlights biodiversity as the foundation for sustainable development
Source: Excerpt from press release from the Hung..
23/02/2002 Naaya Story European preparation for COP6 in April in the Netherlands
Source: Press release from Hungarian Ministry of..
04/02/2002 Naaya Story Nature Conservation: Commission approves specially protected sites in the Canary Islands, Azores and Madeira
Source: European Commission, DG Environment
03/02/2002 Naaya Story First meeting of the European Community Biodiversity Expert Group
Source: European Commission, DG Environment
19/12/2001 Naaya Story Steering Committee meeting December 2001
Source: Hannu Saarenmaa
12/12/2001 Naaya Story Bonn meeting of National CHMs 2001
Source: German Federal Agency for Nature Conserv..
14/08/2001 Naaya Story EU Biodiversity Partnering Catalogue 2001, Research Organisations
Source: Dr. Maria Antosiewicz - Institute for Fu..
14/12/2005 Naaya Story Launch of Estonian National Biological Diversity Clearing-House Mechanism webpage
Source: Estonian Environment Information Centre
28/11/2005 Naaya Story NOBANIS - a regional portal on invasive alien species in Northern and Central Europe
Source: Skov- og Naturstyrelsen. DK , Inger Weid..
22/02/2006 Naaya Story The 4th Intergovernmental Biodiversity in Europe Conference in Croatia, 22 - 24 February 2006 - preparation for COP8 in Brazil
22/09/2005 Naaya Story The SBSTTA 11 meeting - 28 November to 2 December in Montreal, Canada
Source: European Clearing House Mechanism (EC CH..
28/11/2005 Naaya Story SBSTTA 11 now started in Montreal
Source: EEA, Ulla Pinborg
12/12/2005 Naaya Story Regional training in West Africa under the Belgian CHM partnership
Source: Belgian CHM, Han de Koeijer