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28/06/2011 Naaya News The outlook of the Black Sea, Conference in Odessa, 31st October - 4th November 2011
Source: Black Sea Convention
14/06/2011 Naaya News European Island Biological Diversity - Bern Convention met in June 2011
Source: Council of Europe
20/05/2009 Naaya News 2009 World Biodiversity Day: Europe's reptiles and amphibians in serious decline.
29/11/2008 Naaya News Turkish website for CBD
24/04/2007 Naaya News Serbian database on sturgeons added in the EC CHM information sites list
15/01/2007 Naaya News A potential to increase the utilisation of forests for bioenergy
17/08/2009 Naaya News New web portal provides free and open access to information on antarctic marine species.
28/03/2007 Naaya News A new collaborative portal site on Wilderness
21/04/2010 Naaya News Future EU biodiversity policies: Stakeholders invited to open consultation
Source: European Commission
08/02/2010 Naaya News New Global Biodiversity Strategic Plan for the post 2010 period to be adopted in October
27/06/2009 Naaya News How much do we use e-Science and Technology Infrastructure for Biodiversity Research? A Survey
Source: EEA- Lifewatch
13/05/2009 Naaya News "BIODIVERSITY PROTECTION - BEYOND 2010"
Source: European Commission
24/09/2008 Naaya News On line survey on invasive species information in Europe
Source: Piero Genovesi (Papik) PhD
28/08/2008 Naaya News Preparations of the Global Biodiversity Outlook-3 are underway
Source: CBD Secretariat
28/08/2008 Naaya News Collecting information on selected terrestrial invasive alien species in the pan-European area
Source: European Environment Agency
14/05/2008 Naaya News How much is Europe spending for invasive alien species?
Source: Riccardo Scalera
14/04/2008 Naaya News Extreme weather affects forest communities for decades
03/10/2007 Naaya News A proposal for a Forest Status Indicator
07/09/2007 Naaya News Main documents for the Belgrade conference are announced, including biodiversity reports
06/07/2007 Naaya News New reserach initiative for biodiversity in EU's tropical regions
25/05/2007 Naaya News UNEP-WCMC data made available through the Conservation Geoportal
Source: UNEP- World Conservation monitoring cent..
24/05/2007 Naaya News Looking at some of the facts on biodiversity and climate change
Source: ARKive News [
30/04/2007 Naaya News Conclusions from the "Countdown 2010 for Marine Ecosystems” workshop
10/04/2007 Naaya News Sharks added to the IUCN Red List
28/03/2007 Naaya News Whose egg is it anyway? Take a look at eggs and identify the species
07/02/2007 Naaya News 2007 is the desingated UN Year of the Dolphin
Source: IISD Linkages
11/01/2007 Naaya News New Countdown 2010 Website and International Material
12/07/2006 Naaya News The Swiss Academy of Sciences just launched a website on
Source: Sylvia Martinez [sylvia.martinez@unibas...
12/07/2006 Naaya News "Science for environmental policy " a service provided by the European Commission
10/07/2006 Naaya News A European Discussion on the Marine Trophic Index and the trends in extent of sea grasses
10/07/2006 Naaya News Findings of the Swiss Biodiversity monitoring
03/04/2006 Naaya News Launch of 'Global Biodiversity Outlook 2' at COP8
02/08/2005 Naaya News How many taxonomists are there?
19/07/2005 Naaya News EnRisk project finished: discover which regions in Europe are at high risk due to agricultural practises
Source: ECNC-European Centre for Nature Conserva..
21/03/2005 Naaya News Biodiversity News Headlines from CBD
Source: CBD web site
06/10/2004 Naaya News Natureevents
Source: Natureevents
23/07/2004 Naaya News EarthWire news related to sustainable development
Source: UNEP/Grid Arendal
07/06/2004 Naaya News Forest Europe MCPFE News
Source: MCPFE liason unit, Warsaw
28/04/2004 Naaya News Sea-river Newsletters (recent volume)
28/04/2004 Naaya News The Aquamedia web site has the latest water news
28/04/2004 Naaya News International Day for Biological Diversity 22 May, 2004
28/04/2004 Naaya News Nature Newsletters of the European Commission, DG Environment
28/04/2004 Naaya News NEWSFLASH LIFE Unit
13/05/2003 Naaya News Millenium Assessment now to be closely related to 3 biodiversity conventions: biodiversity, migratory species and wetlands
27/03/2003 Naaya News GBIF is calling for proposals
Source: GBIF
18/11/2002 Naaya News Community Report 2 to CBD 2002 on Mountain Ecosystems now submitted
Source: DG Environment
31/10/2002 Naaya News The Baltic Sea in 2002 – a bumper year for algal blooms
Source: Helcom
31/10/2002 Naaya News "Ramsar - has it made a difference?"
Source: The Ramsar Bulletin Board
14/10/2002 Naaya News United Nations Environment Programme launches new
Source: REC
23/07/2002 Naaya News Ramsar Wetland Conservation Award
Source: ENS
23/07/2002 Naaya News EU Commission in nature protection offensive
23/07/2002 Naaya News Governments diverge over EU farm reforms
10/06/2002 Naaya News The International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources now signed by EU Member States and the European Community
16/04/2002 Naaya News Vacancy at European Commission
Source: DG ENV Intranet
16/04/2002 Naaya News Green Week 15 - 19 April 2002 in Brussels. Conference and Exhibition
Source: European Commission
07/03/2002 Naaya News Netherlands node for GBIF launched
Source: Coordinator NL-BIF
01/02/2002 Naaya News Biodiversity research in the EU 6th framework programme 2002-2006
Source: Martin Sharman
15/01/2002 Naaya News N-American Mosaic. State of the Environment report now available
Source: Commission for Environmental Cooperation
20/12/2001 Naaya News New NL Clearing-House Mechanism launched
Source: EC LNV National Reference Centre for Agr..
18/12/2001 Naaya News European Platform for Biodiversity
19/10/2001 Naaya News Commissioner Wallstrom welcomes outcome of UN-ECE Ministerial on sustainable development
Source: EU Press Room
19/10/2001 Naaya News Go ahead given for EURO 45 million Leader programme for rural development in the Spanish region of Valencia
Source: EU Press Room
19/10/2001 Naaya News Commission report highlights control weaknesses in EU fisheries The European Commission has adopted a report on the monitoring of the implementation of the Common
Source: EU Press Room
19/10/2001 Naaya News Commission promotes synergies between research and regional policy
Source: EU Press Room
19/10/2001 Naaya News Transport continuing to increase pressure on Europes environment
Source: EEA Press Room
19/10/2001 Naaya News Latest environmental signals highlight Europes public policy challenge
Source: EEA News Room
19/10/2001 Naaya News Eunis Species Database accessible through the web
Source: ETC/NPB
19/10/2001 Naaya News Aarhus Convention starts count-down to entry into force
Source: United Nations Economic Commission for E..
19/10/2001 Naaya News UNECE Ministers Adopt Declaration for Johannesburg Summit
Source: United Nations Economic Commission for E..
19/10/2001 Naaya News European Consultative Forum on the Environment and Sustainable Development
Source: EU Environment - what's new? and Europea..
19/10/2001 Naaya News European Union action plans for eight priority bird species
Source: European Commission - Nature Protection
19/10/2001 Naaya News Birds and plants do not prosper under agri-environment schemes
Source: Wageningen University Press Office
19/10/2001 Naaya News Forests rapidly disappearing in tropics but growing in Europe: UN agency
Source: Yahoo Environment and Nature News
19/10/2001 Naaya News The SEA Directive is adopted
Source: European Commission - DG Environment
19/10/2001 Naaya News Assessing Environmental Risks of European Agriculture
Source: European Centre for Nature Conservation ..
16/10/2001 Naaya News European Clearing House Mechanism (EC CHM) 5th Task Force meeting held in Bonn 27 September 2001
Source: EEA, Ulla Pinborg
01/10/2001 Naaya News UK Clearing House Mechanism Updated
Source: JNCC
06/09/2001 Naaya News Race to save EU species too slow
Source: WWF European Policy Office
06/09/2001 Naaya News Goteborg European Council : Presidency Conclusions
Source: Council of the European Union Press Offi..
06/09/2001 Naaya News LIFE-Nature: How to apply for funding?
Source: The European Commission - Environment we..
06/09/2001 Naaya News LIFE-Environment 2002 - Application Guide (version 3.0)
Source: The European Commission - Environment we..
06/09/2001 Naaya News Ireland and Sweden: Green light for innovative rural development programmes
Source: The European Commission - Agriculture pr..
06/09/2001 Naaya News DG Environment publishes Management Plan 2001-2002
Source: Environment - What's New (EC Environment..
06/09/2001 Naaya News New information on Environment Assessment SEA - legal context
Source: Environment - What's New (EC Environment..
06/09/2001 Naaya News Communication from the Commission to the Council and the European Parliament
Source: Environment - What's New (EC Environment..
06/09/2001 Naaya News World Land Database Charts Course of Human Consumption
Source: Environment News Service
06/09/2001 Naaya News Sixth meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity (COP 6) and first Meeting of the Parties to the Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety (MOP 1)
Source: CBD Web site
06/09/2001 Naaya News Development in the Baltic Sea Region towards the Baltic 21 goals for sustainable development
Source: UNEP/GRID-Arendal: Baltic 21 Secretariat
06/09/2001 Naaya News Romano Prodi Articulates Sustainable Development Strategy for Europe
Source: Environment News Service
06/09/2001 Naaya News Danube Restoration Plan Takes Flight at Summit
Source: Environment News Service
06/09/2001 Naaya News European Agriculture Ministers Support Organic Farming
Source: Environment News Service
06/09/2001 Naaya News European Environment Agency Signals Natural Resource Stress
Source: Environment News Service
06/09/2001 Naaya News Global Ecosystem Study Launched on World Environment Day
Source: Environment News Service
12/08/2001 Naaya News Arhus convention to enter into force
Source: EC CHM Team
19/06/2001 Naaya News EU Fisheries Ministers adopt EU biodiversity plan 18 June 2001
Source: EC CHM Team
17/06/2001 Naaya News Europe Incorporates Sustainable Development Strategy
Source: Environmental News Service
04/12/2000 Naaya News 10 Natural Sites Placed on UNESCO Heritage List
Source: Environment News Service
02/12/2000 Naaya News World to Share Biodiversity Data
Source: Ministry of Research and Information Tec..
23/11/2000 Naaya News UN Committee Poised to Protect World Heritage Sites
Source: Environment News Service
20/11/2000 Naaya News European Union Rejects U.S. Climate Compromise
Source: Environment News Service
20/11/2000 Naaya News European Union Spares UK's Beloved Hedgerows
Source: Environment News Service
09/11/2000 Naaya News North Sea's White Fish Fading Fast
Source: Environment News Service
15/10/2000 Naaya News European Union Urged to Deal With Unsustainable Tourism
Source: Environment News Service
10/10/2000 Naaya News Conservation Congress Sets Lofty Goal: No More Species Loss
Source: Environment News Service
27/09/2000 Naaya News Red List of Threatened Species Reveals Global Extinction Crisis
Source: Environment News Service
26/09/2000 Naaya News Mediterranean Nations Share Knowledge to Halt Desertification
Source: Environment News Service
14/09/2000 Naaya News German experts issue urgent call to protect biodiversity
Source: Environment News Service in cooperation ..
14/09/2000 Naaya News Landmark report urges new approach to stem widespread decline in world's ecosystems
Source: WRI
04/09/2000 Naaya News Steering Committee accepts EC CHM Global Implementation Plan
Source: EC CHM Team
29/08/2000 Naaya News Global warming threatens one third of all habitat
Source: Environment News Service
18/07/2000 Naaya News European Landscape Convention adopted
Source: CLRAE
15/05/2000 Naaya News EC CHM presentation at COP5
Source: EC CHM Team
18/01/2007 Naaya News Joint work plan by the Convention on Biological Diversity and the Ramsar Convention signed
24/08/2006 Naaya News Encouraging free and open access to scientific information on biodiversity